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For anyone visiting Mumbai, it is a must to go to Parry Wine Shop on Hill Road, near Colaba. Situated right in the midst of the exclusive Colaba Shopping Complex, the shop has its own unique identity and the name speaks for itself. Located on the corner of the complex, it offers a wide array of exclusive wines and Italian food items. The shop itself displays a collection of over 100 different brands of wines.

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The place is always lively since the majority of the shoppers come here during their lunch break to purchase a bottle of wine or two. There are also many people who visit here during special occasions like Diwali and Christmas. There are always people walking around the area looking for good bargains, as prices here are usually lower than the rates in the city. It is one of the best places to shop for wines since it has the largest collection of restaurants, cafes, and other retail establishments selling food stuff and beverages.

The location of Parry Wine Shop makes it easy to access. This area is located in the middle of the commercial hub, Colaba. There are many buses that go to and from the airport, which is conveniently located nearby. A taxi can also pick you up from your hotel if you do not have your own car. If you want to shop for a large selection of wines, then you should definitely come to this wine shop.

The choice offered by Parry Wine Shop is expansive since it has a wide range of different types of wines. The wine list available at the shop includes wines from all over the world. It is also rich in information about each variety of wine that is sold here. There are some rare and hard to find wines available as well. The price range is quite reasonable since there are many different brands of wine that are sold here.

When you visit the Parry Wine Shop, you will find that there are a number of different options for you to choose from. You can select the kind of wine that you prefer. For example, you may want to buy a Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir, or a Shiraz. There are other options like a Rose and even a Merlot. There is an extensive array of options for you to choose from that are based on your preferences.

Although there are a lot of people who buy their wine from a supermarket, some people still like to buy their wines from a small boutique like the one at Parry. Since there are so many advantages of buying wines from a small store like this, the business at the Parry Wine Shop has been quite successful. Even now, there are new products being added to the wine line at the wine shop, most of which are gaining customers from all over Mumbai and even from across India.


Parry Wine Shop is a retailer of fine wines in the UK. They have a retail presence in the towns of Essex and Oxfordshire in the UK and several more around the country. It is part of a large family of companies which are involved in the manufacturing, marketing, Distributing, & Trading of wines. They also have outlets in several US cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Tampa, and Washington, D.C. The company website can be browsed and is home to the online wine club.

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Parry Wine Shop is owned by John Coleman, who is a product developer at IDS Nutrition, a nutritional supplement company that develops natural nutrition products. John Coleman has a passion for wines, and his enthusiasm shines through in the articles he writes at Parry Wine Shop, and he aims to serve the wine lover better. In fact, he has written over thirty articles on the subject. He is not only a passionate lover of wines, but also loves all types of liquor, and is especially fond of English wine, and the London vintage.

The Parry Wine Shop caters to both the casual drinker, and the connoisseur of fine wines. The store has an extensive collection of rare, hard to find wines and is proud to showcase them. There are wines from across the world including France, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, South Africa, India, and more. There are also a variety of offerings, like the likes of a wonderful Australian Shiraz, and sparkling wines from Chile’s Valle d’Orco. The wines are designed in the traditional French style, and carry labels that read “made in France”.

There are different types of glasses used at the Parry Wine Shop; a variety of stemware, and wine cups. You will be delighted when you see and sample all the varieties available to you at Parry Wine Shop. There is a special offer for the home delivery of champagne and sparkling wines; so do not miss out! There are special offers for home delivery of all the famous Chardonnays and Muscadets, as well as other popular red and white wines. The Parry wine shop offers home delivery of Semillon, Gewurztraminer, and Riesling, and of course a huge array of red wines and white wines. It’s great fun to shop at the Parry Wine Shop and have some fun shopping at the bottle.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that wine enthusiast on your list, look no further than the Parry Wine Shop. For years, the Parry Wine Shop has been known as a one stop wine and bottle shop. There is a fantastic selection of popular wines for that special person, and much more besides. With bottles from around the world, and even varietals, you will be amazed at all the choices at Parry Wine Shop. The wine selection changes often, so what you may find in London, may not be available in Truro, Hampshire or Derbyshire.

Explore the entire catalog at Parry Wine Shop to choose from many popular wine options. Take a look at the new offerings from this year. There are many interesting new blends and varietals that are not available anywhere else. Explore the entire wine selection to find the one you love. When you choose a wine, remember that you can have it delivered to your door in just a few days.


Parry Wine Shop is a family owned and operated business based in Leicestershire, England. They have been supplying customers in the area with exceptional quality wines for over three decades. The history of the company traces its origins back over thirty years ago when it was started by Thomas Parry after he moved from France. He wanted to create a better quality of wine by growing his own grapes on his family’s farm in order to supply the market with exceptional quality wines.

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Today, you will find Parry Wine Shop continuing to be known as a top authority in supplying fine wines all around the UK. They have four main websites, a retail store, a dedicated Facebook page, and a YouTube channel that not only provides consumers with a chance to see the different types of wines they can purchase but also gives the public an opportunity to interact directly with the company officials. Consumers are able to view and purchase the latest reds, whites, cheeses, and liquors right online through the internet. Parry Wine Shop strives to always provide the best selection of the freshest grapes, finest cheese, and the highest quality wines.

Parry Wine Shop prides itself on providing customers with a wide variety of high quality, variety wines. This includes many choices that aren’t readily available to the consumer, such as the specialty wines and beers. Being able to deliver your wine purchase to your door is just one of the benefits of purchasing your wine online. They have been quoted in the past to have the best price and service available for their customers. Consumers love the fact that they are able to communicate directly with the company officials, instead of having to call them on the phone. Most people are happy to know that they are buying high quality wines that are packaged and priced affordably.

One of the greatest benefits of ordering wine online through Parry Wine Shop is the ability to have discounts available. Many online companies offer various promotions that can save their customers quite a bit of money. Parry Wine Shop has the ability to extend these special deals throughout the year. This allows customers to have great savings on the types of wine they purchase. For this reason, many people enjoy being able to purchase many different types of wine at a discounted price.

Another great way to enjoy discounts at Parry Wine Shop is the customer loyalty program. Each year, Parry wine manufactures a group of customers who will receive special offers and other privileges. Some of these items include free corkscrews, wine glasses, specialty wine bottle openers and even a few cases of wine for free. Each of these associates represents a loyal customer who will likely return to this company because they find what they are looking for. Parry is committed to continuously building relationships with its customers. The more customers who are happy with their shopping experience, the more likely they are to return.

Parry Wine Shop strives to always make sure their customers have a positive experience when they are shopping at their website. To help you get started, you can search for Parry wine online. This website will offer you all the information you need as well as a number of ways for you to learn more about Parry wine. By using the internet, you can find out everything you need to know about this incredible and innovative company.


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The Varieties of Parry Wines

The Parry-O-Feads number is a long standing symbol for the prestige and quality of Parry-O-Feads sparkling wines. Named after the French for the place where it was created, the winery itself was originally established by Jean Georges Gautier. He would later go on to found Grand Cruiture Winery in France. Jean-Georges & Cedric Vongerichten combines contemporary American flavors with traditional French techniques in the masterful production of this modernist structure.

One of the more popular Chardonnay selections, the Parry-O-Feads Chardonnay is actually very similar to the grape responsible for producing Chardonnay, albeit in a smaller variety. It’s also aged a little longer, allowing it to retain some of the floral aroma that is associated with this varietal. This crisp golden color and pleasant bouquet make it a perfect wine to serve during many events, as it pairs well with just about anything. For those who enjoy experimenting with the different flavors of red wine, this one has a lot of character and will go excellently with cheese, dark chocolate, or fruit-based dishes.

If you are looking for a dessert wine that you can serve with a wide variety of cheeses, or even just with anything that has a mild flavored taste, the Parry-O-Feads White Label Shiraz is the perfect match. This versatile wine is often used in combination with delicate items such as stuffed baked potatoes, cheese and herb platters, and even served on its own as a dessert. In fact, many chefs find that pairing the two wines is a perfect way to create a meal that is both delicious and elegant at the same time. Pairing a light and clean Shiraz wine with creamy cheeses, applesauce, breads, crackers, and vegetable dishes provides a sophisticated flavor that goes unmatched with a full meal. The same technique can be applied to fruity desserts as well, such as puddings, cakes, custards, or ice cream desserts.

There are many other great read options from this award-winning family of companies, including Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Riedel Red, and Muscat. If a more intense red is desired, then there is the Prosecco from Vermouth. This wine comes in a number of fruity flavors and is often mixed with champagne. This Prosecco also works perfectly with seafood and poultry dishes, helping to enhance the flavor, as well as help to cleanse the palate after the meal.

Another great Riesling that you may want to try is Riedel Brut. It is a crisp dry white that displays great fruit flavors, like cranberry and black cherries. It also has a very clean flavor, yet still is rather low key and easy to drink. This wine is often paired with sweet pastas and delicate desserts. The other excellent Riesling that you should try is a Riesling called Riedeluviana, which is an incredible crisp and clear sparkling white wine that comes in an elegant red tin can. This wine also pairs well with delicate cheesecakes, and it pairs wonderfully with zesty pastas.

There are also several different kinds of whites produced by this great company, including whites that come from the Napa Valley, California, France’s Rhone Valley, and also a sparkling wine called Rhine. If you are a fan of fruit flavors and wish your dessert to come with a strong dose of fruit, then you should consider a Riesling. While this particular wine will go perfect with spicy food, it also pairs wonderfully with many lighter dishes, especially ones that have a lot of fruit flavored ingredients, like brie or chanterelle. This will most definitely give your meal a unique and delicious taste!