A Look At Some Parry Wines From France!

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A Look At Some Parry Wines From France!

Parry Wines Number One is a big bold wine that was crafted by winemaker Jean-Georges Vongerichten. It’s an amazing wine that will challenge anyone who tries to learn more about it. Most people have never even heard of the place called Vongerichten, but this parry Merlot is one of the great reds on the planet. Jean-Georges & Cedric Vongerichten mixes classic American flavors with contemporary Russian flavors. This unique blend is rare amongst wines on parry shelves because of the awesome price tag.

This wine is a massive 12% alcohol by volume. I’d never call it a red wine, despite being labeled as such. The color is deep purple and it has some off white marks in it, as well. I’m not a huge fan of wine with white marks in them, but this wine definitely displays them.

The official website for Jean-Georges Vongerichten offers a detailed description of the grape used in this amazing wine. They describe the grape as “marionette”, because of the shape of its cells. In other words, the wine cells are not true Merlot, they’re like boxwood. This allows the juice from the grape to have a different flavour from other wines on the parry shelves. The parry blend is named this because it’s bottled in five bottles, with one being the standard blend.

With this wine, there are no flowery flavours or strange aromas. The aroma has a very woodsy, herbaceous aroma that I find quite pleasant. The taste is tart and the finish is long. I really enjoyed the wine and my guests absolutely loved it too!

This wine is only produced in France and California. It’s very difficult to get your hands on a bottle. My friend tipping me the bottle told me it was quite rare and that it would be a matter of great surprise if I won the lottery! It costs about $300 US dollars a bottle and is often available at select events.

For those who are interested in owning these fine wines, my friendliness to sell them to you is definitely a bonus. She also sells her private blend of parry wines and even organizes tastings. If you are looking for this wine, do yourself a favour and check out the number of websites dedicated to selling them. You will have a wide selection to choose from.

Some of my favourite bottles include the following; La Grande Dame de Parry, Rose de France, Parfait Soupir Peloucier and of course, La Grande Dame de Parry. If you love black & white wines, then you should definitely check out the Rose de France, which is a blend of Chenin Blanc and Chartreuse. The other two best options are La Grande Dame de Parry and the La Grande Dame de Clermont. The blend of these two grapes is unusual because they actually don’t contain any black cherries in it! It’s simply a blend of pale yellow and pink grapes, producing an interesting, fragrant wine.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to taste any of these wines, don’t let that stop you! I urge you to visit your local wine shop and try a few different options. This may just surprise you! I guarantee that you will fall in love with them!