A Review of the Parry Wine Shop

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Parry Wine Shop has been serving mouth-watering cuisines for more than 40 years now. The specialty of this wine shop is that, unlike other places, you will be served fresh and freshly made wines. The wine is actually shipped to the shop in barrels from different vineyards. The wine is then processed right there at the shop before being bottled and shipped again to different customers all over India. Over the years, the wine has gained more reputation and popularity among people who love to taste different varieties of wines from different vineyards.

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The Parry Wine Shop is located on Dangote Road, Colaba. This is a small yet bustling shop that sells excellent wines. The wine is sold in two-gallon steel barrels, which are found stacked one atop the other. These barrels are selected based on the type of wine that is inside. Since the choice of grapes used to make these wines are available in different areas of the world, there is also an assurance that the wine would go with the food that is being prepared. In fact, this is one of the few shops that offers a three-tier storage facility for customers.

Aside from the usual red and white wines that are being sold here, there are also a lot of other varieties of wines available in these bottles. If you want to try out some of the lesser-known wines available, the shop has a variety of other kinds such as port and champagne. Apart from these, it also has a small selection of rose wines and sparkling wines.

There are a lot of people who are looking for a good and affordable wine shop. Thankfully, the folks at the Parry Wine Shop know their stuff. They are the experts when it comes to the selection of the best wines. Aside from the best selection, the wine shop owners also offer wine tasting sessions where they can have people come and taste the different types of wine that are being sold.

With the internet being widely available, people are able to purchase all the things they need at the comfort of their homes. In this case, finding the best wine shop online becomes a necessity. Aside from the wide selections, they can also find the most reasonable prices available for the best quality of wines. In fact, many of the shops have a very modest starting price so that new customers will not get disheartened after making a big investment.

The Parry Wine Shop caters to both the rich and the famous. They have a wide selection of great reds, whites and rose wines that can match any occasion and any budget. The staffs of this shop are always willing to help customers look for the best choice for them. They can even recommend a local winery where you can have a guided tasting tour.