A Review Of The Parry Wine Shop

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Parry Wine Shop is located at the hill city of Mumbai in India. It is one of the leading and oldest wine shops in the city and is known for its wide selection of wines and champagnes. It is located in the market area of Goregaon, Mumbai. The location makes it convenient to access the shops located close to the railway station and the beaches.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

This shop offers a wide variety of wines from around the world and they are sold in attractive glasses. You can choose from the exclusive French wines, Italian wines, Spanish wines and others. The specialty of this wine shop is that they also sell other beverages such as juices, cordial and other drink mixes. There are also some really great wines displayed here like Chenin Blanc from France and Pinot Noir from France. It is a great place to buy wine and enjoy with your friends and family.

The prices at this shop are set very reasonably so you will not have to worry about spending too much money. The main focus of the business is to ensure that the wines are always fresh and they are always collected in the best conditions. They have the largest collection of premium red and white wines available in the country. Most of the wines available here are produced in partnership with international producers. Apart, from the main product category they also offer Chardonnays, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Rose of Syrah and other varietals.

This wine shop has also signed an agreement with Jost USA to retail their wines across the states of the USA and Canada. They are quite successful with this because of the great demand in these areas. The wine store has twenty-four hundred bottles of wine available. It offers an extensive selection of sparkling wines and non-alcoholic beverages such as flavored juices, cordials, juices, soda and even water.

They also provide educational programs at various locations in the city. People who are new to wine or not interested in it can join these classes. If you want a particular kind of wine then you can ask them to specially arrange this for you. The wine shop offers classes on all aspects of wine making and tasting from the simplest to the most complex process. There are many types of courses offered through these workshops.

The wines available here are of excellent quality and they are priced reasonably. This shop offers discounts on wine shipping to the US. If you live in New York or any other city of the United States then you should check out this shop. The staff of the shop is very helpful and friendly and they always help you select the right kind of wine.