About Parry Wine Shop

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Parry Wine Shop is located on Hill Road, Mumbai, India. The shop started as a small store selling local wines. However, with passage of time, the wine shop has grown to become one of the major places for buying wines and spirits in Mumbai. The store is run by Ravi Verma, who runs the store with his family. He first joined the business in 1990.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Wine making was originally done in a small house. The family saved money to start the business. Initially, there were not many wines available. But with time, the wine making business expanded and the demand for wines also. After some years, the store changed its name to Parry Wine Shop.

With growth in the business, the shop expanded with other facilities like a cafe, bar, and show room. Apart from that, the store offers wine tasting classes. There is a big collection of wines and each is being categorized. The customers can choose from different categories such as red wines, white wines, rose wines, sherry wines, Chablis, Merlot, pinot noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The list of wines available in the store is very long.

The wine department at the shop is well organised. The staff is ready to help the customers to select the right type of wine. The wines are stored in glass jugs, and on some shelves there are provisions for smaller bottles and larger sized ones.

The shop has many varieties of wine available for sale. The customers have unlimited options to buy a variety of wine. The shop offers a wide variety to attract customers.

If you are visiting Mumbai for a vacation or for work purposes, it is a must to go to Parry Wine Shop. The store is located near Daryaganj, Colaba and Churchgate. There is a huge collection of wines. You can buy any kind of wine here. The store has a friendly staff and they assist the customers to select the right wine.

The wine section has different brands of wine. The customers can easily select the brand they like from these different brands. The bottles come in various sizes. The bottles have the information about the year of manufacture and also state certification. Some bottles even have the seal of approval from the wine authority. The price range is very reasonable.

The Parry Wine Shop also has other products like accessories. It sells hygiene and kitchen cleaning products. These products are made of natural ingredients and are safe for the consumers. The shop has many varieties of cleaning liquids and detergents.

The wine is bottled at the warehouse of the store. The wine is placed in chilled storage containers. The process of storage is carried out to maintain the quality of the wine. The wine is stored in these storage containers for at least five years. The customers can take the glasses from the store whenever they wish to drink wine.