About Parry Wine Shop

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Parry Wine Shop is a well known and experienced shop located in Colaba, Mumbai. It is a famous haunt for the tourists, with its huge collection of wines. The shop is managed by an Indian named Suresh Kulkarni and has been in the business for the last thirty years.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The shop is located in the central part of Colaba, near the Bachao Akbar Road and is open every day from eight in the evening to six in the morning. There is an attached garage which houses the wines. There are about seven hundred and sixty varieties of wines to choose from including Chianti, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Zinfandel and Pinot Gris. Some of the wines in the collection have been made for the American market, but the majority of them are made according to European standards.

The Parry Wine Shop was started at the Colaba Market on a hawker’s lane so that the customers could have a direct look at the selection. The collection of wines was arranged in three-tier rack. Initially there were only sixteen varieties in this wing of the shop, but presently the shop offers a hundred and twenty-eight varieties. The new varieties are added regularly.

Apart from the wide array of wines, the shop also sells other beverages and snacks like chocolates, candies and various dry fruits. The store offers a wide variety of food items to complement your wine selection. There are sandwiches and pastries available on a daily basis. There are also fruit juices bottled by local companies. The employees are very helpful and the customers are given proper help and assistance.

The wines are shipped from all over the world and are received in the best conditions possible. The best selection is made keeping in mind the country’s requirements. The customers get the chance to taste a variety of wines and the prices vary depending upon the variety. The best part of the business is that since the selection is made keeping in mind the country’s needs, the customers are served with only the best quality. The customers who have bought the Parry Wine Shop also find it easy to recommend their friends and relatives about this shop.

The entire process of selling and purchasing wines has been made simple through the internet services. The internet has proved to be a boon for the business houses by offering them a wider platform for their activities. The Hill City has been identified as one of the world’s best wine destinations. The demand for the wines like the Parry Wine Shop has been increasing manifold. The store is a big success story and it is a must for anyone planning to set up a branch of his/her own.