Explore Worli Wine Shop in Hill City

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Parry Wine Shop is located in the foothills of the hill town of Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has been around since 1987 and specializes in providing local and international customers with a range of wines. The area it resides in is a part of the Dharavi region. It was started by a group of enthusiastic wine merchants who happened to come across a small hill town that had an unparallel selection of wines and decided to set up a wholesale wine shop there. Since then the wine shop has flourished into one of the most successful wholesale wine shops in India. It caters to all kinds of customers, no matter what their denomination.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The business started off initially as a small boutique that catered to those who were in love with local wines. Gradually, demand increased and they decided to expand the store. In order to meet this growth, they started stocking big name national brands. Though they do stock a lot of popular local brands, they do have some exclusive collections too. So whether you are looking for Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, the shop has something for you.

The parry wine shop has four main rooms and each has a spacious tasting room where the customers can select from a wide range of wines. The main varieties they stock include reds, whites, rose wines and many others. Each room has its own unique collection of wines that are popular with customers. For example, in the tasting room, they have wines such as Lusty Foxy White Zinfandel, which is a white wine; Cacharel Malbec, which is a red wine; and Sauvignon Blanc Moscato, which are easily made sparkling wine.

The shop is located on the Worli Road, Hill City, Mumbai. From the shop one can get excellent transport links to the city’s airport and railway stations. It’s also close to the Konkan Railway and the local buses. Most people travel by the local train and there are a number of trains servicing the Worli area. The nearest airport is the Kanjurmarg station and it’s about 20 kilometers away from the Worli shop. So if you have a car, it would be much easier for you to get to Hill City.

This shop is a great place for beginners and old timers alike. The selection of wines they have makes it easy for everyone to choose. Even if you don’t know much about wine, you will still be able to tell what a particular brand is because of their labels. If you go into the store with a specific goal in mind, such as buying a Chardonnay bottle, they have a lot of different varieties. So if you’re looking for a specific wine, say a white Chardonnay for your party, they have many bottles from which to pick. They even have a big decanter and serving glass in the shop so that customers can enjoy their wine while drinking.

The staff at this Worli wine shop knows all the places to visit in and around Worli and they are very helpful. The wine store even has its own bar where you can relax with your date and catch up on local news. The bar serves drinks and meals after every visit and the bar counter is manned by the staff so there’s never a problem with ordering if it’s a particular restaurant or place you want to go for a drink. When you have a few glasses of wine and want to have a quiet night, the staff at the Worli wine shop is open the whole day and take care of clients who come in from all parts of the city. A pleasant experience for any person coming to visit Worli.