Parry Wine Shop: A True Source For Quality Wines In Mumbai

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If you have been living in Mumbai for quite some time now, there is no doubt that you must have heard of the Parry Wine Shop located at Lower Parel Street, near Dharavi. Located on the ground floor of an old shop on Dharavi locality, it has always been a favorite hangout for many local people. But till recent times, there have been very few people venturing into the wine business at Parry. In this article, I would try and look at the reasons behind the same.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

First of all, the shopkeeper did not think the business would be big enough to attract investors. Seeing the increasing demand for wine, he decided to make a bigger space in his shop and started advertising and marketing the same to the various newspapers and magazines in the city. He even made advertisements using old-age photographs and went all out to create a ‘Wine Shop Renaissance’ on the face of the building. Needless to say, this did not go down well with the government officials as well as the Mumbai city police. Despite the legal hurdles, he has continued to ply his trade in spite of all odds.

Secondly, despite having opened a wine shop, nothing much appears to have happened. There was a time when the wine shop was swarming with customers, but now there is hardly any footstep anywhere around. Though the place is a perfect place to drink, the lack of sufficient space has hindered the business significantly. Further, there are hardly any commercial houses operating in the vicinity. It seems that even the local residents do not frequent the place.

While there may be no significant change in the vicinity, the wine store at Dharavi does have another problem bothering its visitors. It is the Parry Wine Store, which happens to be located at the opposite end of the street from the original shop. Though this may seem to be a hindrance initially, considering the fact that the entrance is opposite the main street, the visitors will end up finding it more convenient to enter through this gate than the other one. The reason behind this being that they get access to a better variety of wines while they are standing here.

So, if the wine shop at Dharavi is not doing too well, what’s stopping the Parry Wine Store from going out of business? Well, the answer is simple. If you are looking for a new location to open your business, you may not need the support of a famous retailer. In fact, you can just start your own store in any other place along the Dharavi-Chembur border, if you so wish.

However, even if you start off your business from such places, you should keep an eye on the local scenario first and then make plans based on that. If the demand for wine products are high, you will surely find customers coming in droves. If not, perhaps you should reconsider the idea of opening a retail store here. Still, the wine lovers in and around Hill City will continue to patronize your business and they would be happy to hear about all the good things that you offer them at your store.