Parry Wine Shop – A Wine Shop On Hill Street That Is A Cut Above The Rest

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Parry Wine Shop is located at the foothills of the hill station of Wardha, situated just a few kilometers from Mumbai. It is one of the most prominent wine shops in India and has won many awards for its quality wines. Located at a height of around 450 feet above sea level, this beautiful shop has an unspoiled natural beauty which cannot be found anywhere else in Mumbai. You will find lush greenery all around, along with beautiful winding lanes, antique shops, fruit orchards and lovely restaurants. It is a very comfortable place to visit and it is preferred by both locals and visitors alike. The shop has various branches across the region of Mumbai and serves a variety of local, national and international cuisines.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

With a large collection of imported and local wines, this shop offers a wide range to choose from. The store has four floors, each one dedicated to a specific category of wine and the entire shop is designed in such a way that you can easily find your favorite wine regardless of where you are going. It has an extensive number of books on various wines as well as complete information about the different types of food that go well with different types of wines.

The shelves of the store are lined with various bottles, glasses and accessories related to wines. There are also shelves located near the bar section of the store, displaying a wide variety of bar ware and cocktail wear. A special feature of the store is the open plan kitchen, located in the middle of the shop, which allows the customers to sample the food in the kitchen before buying. Apart from offering an amiable setting to the shoppers, the store has excellent quality food available to eat at its restaurant level. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines and even fishes on hire.

The entire shop has been designed in such a way that you can get hold of all your required supplies very easily. There are provisions for wine carriers and cases as well. When you drop by at the Parry Wine Shop, you would find a person standing by the counter who will help you identify your choice. You are served wine at your table and if you wish, you can purchase it.

There are several reasons that make people choose the Parry Wine Shop over other stores selling wines in Mumbai. The shopkeeper keeps up with the latest trends in the market and stocks only the best bottles of wine. Apart from this, the shopkeeper keeps a regular supply of new wines and sells old bottles of wines. The bottles of wines displayed in the shop are newly opened so that there is no fear of the fake ones fooling people. Also, the wine served at the restaurant level is different from the ones served at the retail level.

If you do not wish to buy the bottle of wine, the person serving you there will help you identify the right kind you should buy and will also recommend you a store nearby. The wine store near Hill Street Mumbai has an amazing selection of wines and each one tastes different. In fact, a customer who visits the shop may be left wanting for more. Hill Street’s close proximity to the railway station has led many people to buy their favorite brands of wines. It is not hard to find a Parry Wine Shop on Hill Street, if you are willing to invest.