Parry Wine Shop At Worli – Popular Varieties And Fine Wines Sold

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Parry Wine Shop At Worli – Popular Varieties And Fine Wines Sold

The Parry Wine Shop situated at Bandra itself has been an authentic, traditional wine making shop since its inception in 1932. This shop offers a wide variety of imported and local as well as cordial and other wines. Most of the local wines are normally served at the local restaurants in the local area. However, the specialty wines and dry wines are also available for purchase through the internet from this shop.

Parry Wine Shop specializes in supplying fine wines for special occasions such as parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Many of the wines produced by the shop are available in the departmental stores and other retail outlets as well. But since the products are mainly available for sale through the internet only, it follows that many people in Mumbai and throughout the country cannot get their hands on the fine wines produced by this shop.

The wine department at the Bandra cinema hall showcases quite a number of exclusive wines. In fact, the most prominent product showcased in this department is Marmite. It is quite famous and is sold by this departmental store. Apart from departmental stores and movie halls, this shop also has a very large collection of online wine shops. There are various websites offering this exclusive brand of wine as well.

The wine shop at Worli has also a very large wine selection. They offer a wide range of red and white wines which can be ordered through an online wine ordering website. A person can select the wine of his choice from these websites and get it delivered right at his doorstep. The prices offered by the websites of these wineries and vineyards are quite affordable and even the most ardent wine lovers would find purchasing this kind of wines here a worthy affair.

The wine shop at Worli also has a gift shop where one can buy wines and other items that are related to this genre of beverages. There are a large variety of products including chocolates, candies and so forth that are sold in this section of the shop. There is also a section where people can have the chance of buying wines from different regions. People can also order champagne and other wines to be shipped across the state in special cases.

All in all, the Parry Wine Shop at Worli is a great place for those who love drinking wines. Apart from selling a wide range of wines, they also have a gift shop where one can buy unique gifts made especially for them. You can also have your photos printed on wine bottles if you so wish. The wine selection at the Worli wine shop can suit any occasion or mood. The best part is that the prices at which these wines are available at this shop are quite reasonable.