Parry Wine Shop – Certified Wines of Excellence

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Parry Wine Shop – Certified Wines of Excellence

Parry Wine Shop is located on the Vineyard road, Borivali. It is a small shop, yet it sells a large variety of wines and it is family run. The owner, Sameer Gandhi owns the shop from where the wines are sold. He personally selects the grapes that are used for making the wines and then delivers them to the buyers. The wines are all kept in wooden barrels which have been given a special name called Kaveer.

The selection of wine is so wide that it covers most of the taste buds. So whatever you want you can get it here. The wines are sold both through the shop as well as through the internet. The shop serves the customers with various types of snacks, which they can order online and have it delivered to their homes.

The main focus of the shop is the sale of wines and snacks. They make a point of serving the customer with a smile and a good offer. The owner is always ready to take his time to find out what the customer wants. So there is never any sort of rush at the shop and the process of selecting the wine and the snacks is always thorough.

There are some famous brands of wines that are available in this shop. They have a vast collection of wine and champagne that has been awarded a bronze medal by the IFA. Among the wines that are available in this shop are Zabarayan and Sawai Madhopur. The best way to find about a particular wine is to look at the wine list that is listed on the walls of the store. The store also has some great recommendations on wines.

If you are searching for a particular wine, then you can use the keywords on the search engines to find out what you are looking for. Most popular words used by people when they search for a particular wine are price, store, and location. You should know that the price differs according to the store, which can make it a bit difficult to decide. However, the main thing is that you will be getting the wine at a reasonable price.

The location of the shop is very impressive because it is located right next to a canal. This canal actually leads to the sea, where there are a lot of fishes that come out. So you do not need to worry about getting a fishy nose after having a glass of wine from this shop. Apart from the location, the other features of the Parry wine shop that cannot be ignored include the quality of the wine, and the ambience of the shop. The atmosphere is very comfortable and inviting, which makes the customers want to spend more time in here. This is the reason why most customers who come here are willing to buy more wines.