Parry Wine Shop, Hill Road, Mumbai

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The Parry Wine Shop is located in Colaba Beach, a very famous beach in Mumbai, India. It has been around since decades and has built a good reputation in the local crowd. The wine being served here is very popular among local people and tourists from all over India and abroad. This shop has a special niche as the only shop in the city that serves only Indian wines.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The shop offers a lot of options to choose from. They offer an array of red and white wines as well as many kinds of champagnes. So, this shop can cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. The prices at this shop are also affordable, thus bringing more customers in the shop.

Parry Wines is also known for its selection of international wines in its shop. There are quite a number of such wines available. This includes French and Spanish wines, South American and Australian wines. Apart from the national brands, they also stock the private brands that are imported by small distillers. These wines have great taste and therefore, are sought after by connoisseurs from all over the world.

Parry Wine Shop has two outlets that have daily sales and one that is an off-peak sale. The daily sale includes several kinds of wines, which include white, rose and Merlot. The off peak sale has some exclusive brands that are not sold during regular hours of the week. In addition, it also features some of the popular private brands that are not sold anywhere else. Thus, people looking for good quality and value for money, will find this shop worth a visit.

The Parry Wine Shop is located near Colaba Park, Colaba Causeway and Bajaj Importers Road. It is easy to access because it is just next to Colaba and Bajaj Importers Road. It also has its own parking lot. The shop offers a large variety of wines at competitive prices. The staff offers great customer care and help, so that people do not have any problem in finding the right kind of wine that suits their needs.

Some of the most popular wines that are sold at the Parry Wine Shop are Chianti Classramine, Picolit, Pinotage and Muscat. Most of the customers also purchase champagne and prosecco, which are available in the specialties of this shop. For those who are looking for the cheapest options, they can select the ‘BAXIS RIDE’ brand which is quite popular with people. The shop also stocks other kinds of Italian food products like muffins, breads and pretzels.