Parry Wine Shop – Hill Road, Mumbai

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When you have been craving for a good wine for years now, Parry Wine Shop on Hill Road, Mumbai would be the best place to shop for it. Considered as the largest paralegal center in the country, located in the posh Andheria neighborhood of Mumbai, this wine shop has been serving their customers with top quality and affordable wines since more than a hundred of years. It is a shop that holds a lot of importance not just for the connoisseurs and wine lovers but also for those who love to eat good food and indulging in various healthy treats. This shop holds a comprehensive range of gourmet food items such as chocolates, chai, seafood, snacks, desserts, pastries, and even condiments that can be used for seasoning your food.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The wine shop at Hill Road, Mumbai is very popular because this famous street connects to some of the finest and most beautiful parts of South Mumbai. A big number of people come here on a daily basis to enjoy a wide variety of restaurants and eateries from around the city. If you are looking for an ideal and budget friendly place to purchase your favorite wines then this is the right place to shop.

The wine shop at Hill Road, Mumbai has a big collection of the famous and premium wines like Chianti, Muscat, Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Merlot, Zinfandel and so forth. Apart from these there are a huge collection of other exotic wines like Californian wines, Malaga wines, Portuguese wines, Australian and French wines, South Indian wines, Japanese wines, Burmese and Chinese red wines. The wine shop at Hill Road serves specialty foods like pizzas, samosas, kebabs, vegetable dishes and specialty breads also. Apart, from serving the famous wines and food items from the refrigerator they also have a small cafe section where you can get some fresh coffee and juices.

The selection of wine from the Parry Shop is simply impeccable. There is something for everybody. So if you are looking for that perfect gift for your loved ones then this is the right place to shop. You can find all the popular vintages as well as some obscure brands and if you are in search of the rarest and older varieties then you will not find any problem at all.

It is not just a restaurant where you can buy your favorite wines. This place has many other options as well where you can spend a good amount of time. There are several places where you can get the authentic taste of South Indian foods such as dosas, pachadi, rice and dal dishes. The restauranteur will surely love to sit in the restaurant at Hill Street, Mumbai and enjoy the delicious meals with the great taste of South Indian wines. Apart, from these the restauranteur can also choose other options such as ordering the pizza from the restaurant and order fishes and chocolates from the bakery at the same place.

Parry Wine Shop is one of the famous stores in Mumbai for selling the best of wines. It is a great place for the restauranteur and people who love wine as it has all that they are looking for. The employees of this wine shop are friendly and helpful and make the customer feel welcome. The prices are reasonable and you can buy any number of bottles as you please so you do not have to keep all the bottles stored in your refrigerator.