Parry Wine Shop – Hill Road, Mumbai

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parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Parry Wine Shop – Hill Road, Mumbai

Parry Wine Shop, a small shop in Borivali quarter of Mumbai, India is famous for its quality wines. This shop is located at Borivali locality, Mumbai. With the passage of time, this shop has become more famous and renowned not only for its wines but also for its excellent service and friendliness to their customers.

The main aim of this shop was to produce wines of the best quality. It also offers a wide variety of wines and champagne. Though it has a small collection of exclusive wines, but the wines produced by this shop are famous among the people in and around Mumbai for their taste and aroma. Many people visit this shop just for the wines alone.

This shop offers an efficient service to its customers. The staff of this shop takes extra care to make sure that you enjoy your stay with them. The main aim of this shop is to provide good quality wines and food to its visitors. If you want a perfect wine tasting, then you can always book for a table with the wine experts of this shop. Even if you are not interested in tasting the wine, but still want to buy the beverages and food items that this shop sells, then you can also sit for long hours and have the chance to communicate with the staff of this shop.

This shop has two types of wine cellars, which are located at separate ends of the building. This allows you to have the peace of mind while traveling to the wine shop. Since there is nothing more irritating than getting to a destination and then finding out that the place is not properly maintained or even half filled, you do not have to worry about such petty issues with these two Cellar doors. Both Cellar doors are maintained in a very proper manner and never let you down in the least.

You can also enjoy the rare bottles of wine from the private bar that this shop has. There are two different private bars located in the shop which allows you to enjoy the wine in a calm and relaxing manner. You can also order the same brand of beverage over the telephone or through emails. You can also enjoy the special breakfast menu that is prepared by the chefs of this shop.

This shop is one of the best selling stores on the Hill Road of Mumbai. It has twenty-four rooms and has been open to the public since nineteen eighties. Though it is one of the oldest wine shops in India, it still holds the top position among the other local shops. In order to visit the wine shop, you can either book for a table with this shop’s expert team or even order for a private room with a view of the Hill Road.