Parry Wine Shop: Hill Road Mumbai

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The Parry Wine Shop at Hill Road Mumbai is one of the most happening shops to visit when you come to Mumbai. This shop was established in 1992 by a Mr. Gopal Varma. Since then this shop has become synonymous with wine and all things related to wine.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The Parry shop caters to a lot of people’s needs. First of all, they cater to the casual consumers who simply want to have a good wine and dine at the Parry Wine Shop. They also provide services for those people who wish to have their own wine cellar in their homes. For these people, the wine that is made at the shop is a symbol of prestige and of luxury.

It is for these people that the Parry shop stands unparalleled. The wines here are a cut above the rest. The selection of the wine is so great that it makes you forget the fact that you are dining in a restaurant. You do not feel any pressure of making a fast decision on the part of the customer. This is what makes this show different from others.

This shop sells a wide range of wines and they also make it their priority to make sure that the customers get what they want. All the wines that are sold here are produced by the best locales in India. They even make sure that the products are procured from the best mills and factories of the country. All these efforts are put in so that you can be ensured of the quality and the freshness of the products that you buy.

The prices charged for the wines in this store are very reasonable. There are a lot of wine enthusiasts who frequent this shop on a regular basis. This is because they know that nothing compares to the taste of a good bottle of wine. It is for these reasons that many people have started buying Parry wine.

This is one shop that is worth visiting no matter where you are. However, if you are traveling from New Delhi or Chandigarh you should make your way to this place as there is no dearth of good places to visit in this city. You could try out some of the famous bottles here like the Claret Jack or the NASDAQ. You can also find a few bottles of champagne here. However, if you have not made an already planned holiday trip to India and are thinking about it, then you should seriously consider buying a bottle of Parry Wine. This will give you a lifetime experience.