Parry Wine Shop – Hill Road Mumbai India

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parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Parry Wine Shop – Hill Road Mumbai India

Parry Wine Shop is a small shop in Colaba, Mumbai, India. It has been around since 1987. This shop has a unique atmosphere that is all it’s own. Located near Colaba Causeway, it serves a variety of wines, some from far-off places and others, from the place where it is. I have fond memories of this place, and have been there many times.

Parry Wine Shop has a special section for snacks. The snacks are prepared by the local youngsters who work there, and who make them delicious. There is a large choice of local dishes here, and one can try them all. Drinks too come in different varieties. A regular meal at this shop might consist of chole, rice, curd and dal, or may include rice and peas, or a salad with either tandoori chicken or biryani.

It is one of those shops that has the best wine collection of wines, both from within and outside India. They also stock bottles from all over the world. The selection is always huge and is not seasonal. There is an amazing assortment here. You could have an exclusive shop for only Indian wines, or a general store, selling wines from all around the world.

There is another shop which serves as a combination of a restaurant and a wine shop. It offers you great quality food, all prepared by the local staff using local spices. Most of the wines here are of an extremely high standard.

Some other excellent places to purchase a bottle of wine in Mumbai are: Shoppers Paradise – situated near Nariman Point and offering a range of imported and local wines; The Wine Buff – located near North Point and having a wide variety of wines; MGR Wines – located near Borivali and has a wide array of wines besides the already mentioned ones. Also, a few stores in Andheri, Powai and Colaba selling local wines. And the most convenient way to buy a bottle of wine in Mumbai would be to visit one of the various chain outlets – there are plenty around, like: Westend, Haldiram’s, Seshan-E-Kurkure and many more. However, all these options can be quite expensive.

In my opinion, it is better to buy your wines from a private shop because the quality is much better. But then you need to be careful and spend some time in finding the right store. Check their reputation and the cost factor before purchasing. When you find the store of your choice, you can then slowly start choosing your wines.