Parry Wine Shop: Hill Road Mumbai, Maharashtra

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parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Parry Wine Shop: Hill Road Mumbai, Maharashtra

A visit to Parry Wine Shop is sure to be a unique experience for the wine lover. This is located at Colaba, near Nariman Point. There is a long line of restaurants, cafes and pubs along Colaba. The Parry Wine Shop has opened its doors since 1994 and is one of the oldest dedicated stores to the rich and famous. This shop caters to the needs of people who love drinking and dining in a quaint atmosphere.

Parry’s main product offerings are Chablis, Pinot Noir, Semillon and Muscat. These wines are available in all sorts of containers such as stemware, goblets, corkscrews and bottles. All these are made from different varieties of grapes depending on where the grapes were grown. They use local fruits and produce the best wines from the estate. The wine store has an excellent wine selection that varies from quite affordable wines to very expensive ones. The wine store also sells some other beverages and snacks such as cream sodas, juices, mints, chocolate and fried items.

The wine shop has a special division which is dedicated entirely to selling the best French wines. These are actually Shiraz and Syrah, two famous French grape varieties that are used to make the best wines. The wines are available in all types of containers such as goblets, decanters, buckets, trolleys and bottles. There is even a small selection of sparkling wines and herbal wines. Customers who love to taste many wines together can easily mingle and enjoy their leisure time while browsing through these wide selections.

There are various other products for sale in this store that also cater to the requirements of customers. These are ice creams, jams, sweets, chocolates, tea mixes, tea bags, cream puddings and a whole lot of other items. The store has also a dedicated department for selling the wine and its accessories. Some popular brands that are sold here include Dom Perignon, Bollinger Beringer, Charles Heidsieck, Robert Mondavi, Charles Heidsieck, Bollinger La Grandeiette, Charles Krug, Franziska Pferdeberg and Kostromo.

There are quite a number of online stores that sell wines, fruit juices, confections and other beverages that can be ordered on the internet. This enables people living out there in Mumbai to access some of the best wine shops in the city without having to move out of the vicinity of their residence. The price range is quite variable and customers can choose the one that fits into their budget. The shipping charges also don’t cost a lot. Most websites have a return policy and they ensure the quality of the products that they are selling by stocking them with adequate amount of alcohol.

People residing out in the suburbs of Mumbai who want to enjoy a nice glass of wine with their dinner will find this store very convenient and very much within their budgets as well. You may even think of ordering your favorite bottle of wine from them without having to actually step out of your house itself. Most stores provide you with a lot of options for wines that you can order. It is not just the big brands that can be found here. A selection of local as well as foreign brands is available for you to pick from.