Parry Wine Shop, Hill Road, Mumbai

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The Parry Wine Shop is located in Colaba, Mumbai, India. It has been established since 1992 and till date the business is flourishing well. It is a one-stop shop selling various types of wines, from white and rose wines to zesty pastas and other exotic concoctions. Apart from the basic product range, it also serves specialty items like desserts and snacks, cheese products and other delicacies. It sells a variety of wine bottles, which can be selected according to your preference.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

They have an excellent collection of Chianti wine, which includes the famous Chianti Classica which has a distinctive taste. Some other famous wines produced by this establishment include Chianti Rosso and Chianti Dolce. All these wines are made out of a traditional soil and method, hence the flavor is always rich and balanced. You will never get bored of sampling different wines at the Parry Wine Shop. You can purchase them either from the shelves or from the wine racks.

The main reason behind their success is their passion for wines. There is a team of qualified staff working here who constantly helps the customers in finding the perfect bottle for them. The wine store is spacious and filled with all sorts of products, from local and foreign wines to soft drinks. They even stock champagne, juice and other gourmet items.

The unique selling proposition of the Parry Wine Shop is its extensive collection of international wines from all over the world. It not only sells Italian wines but they also carry French, Spanish and Kishka varieties. This is the only store in the city that sells wines from all over the world under one roof. Apart from this, the wine store also sells a wide variety of other merchandise, such as almonds, raisins, candies and other confectionery products.

The wine experts at the shop are experts in advising you on what wine to buy. They will also help you find the right kind of bottle for you. In addition to this, the expert sommelier helps you in selecting the right kind of glasses to go with your wine. This enables you to enjoy your wine without any issues whatsoever. The sommelier also makes a lot of recommendations regarding where to buy wine and what kind of wine to avoid. He is an absolute expert.

All the wines that are sold here are procured from some of the best vineyards across the globe. The wine cellar here is kept absolutely clean and organized. It also has all kinds of other wine paraphernalia. Some of the wines are sold for prices that are far below the market rates. So if you are looking for good quality wines at affordable prices, then the Parry Wine Shop Hill Road is the right place for you.