Parry Wine Shop – Know More About This Italian Brand

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parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Parry Wine Shop – Know More About This Italian Brand

Parry Wine Shop is located at the top of hill station Road, Mumbai. The shop offers wine tasting that is very different from any other place in India. This shop has been serving excellent wines and champagnes for more than a century. Though it is one of the oldest wine shops in India, yet it is regarded as one of the best in the world. It was established by Rameswaram Ghose, who had a passion for food and wine. His love for food and wine prompted him to open Parry Wine Shop at the peak of Hill Street, Mumbai.

It is located in an ideal location near the Konkan border where it gets the maximum footfall. Though the wine shop caters to all types of cuisines, yet its specialty is champagne. A regular visitor to this famous shop will be amazed at the choice of local and international Champagne. In fact, even today there are people who buy champagne just to quench their thirst during celebrations like New Year or Christmas.

The wines offered in this wine shop are of very high quality. The local grapes grown here are used to make exclusive Champagne which is known all over the world. A large number of tourists visit this shop during festivals like Diwali and Christmas to buy local Champagne. They are offered at excellent discounts. Tourists can also avail the services of the wine specialists to help them find the best bottle of wine.

This famous shop serves international wines along with local ones. The selection includes French Beaujolais and Australian Shiraz. Some of the wines have been rated best in the market by experts. Some have even won prestigious awards. People looking for an ideal place to buy Champagne or to just enjoy a glass of wine with friends and family can take the help of this famous wine shop on Hill Road, Mumbai.

There are a large number of bottles of wine available in the shop. Customers can select from various offerings to suit their tastes and budgets. The price range is also quite affordable and many customers compare prices before making a purchase. The shop delivers its products to the specified destination at the customer’s location. The shop offers a secure and safe environment for both the buyers and sellers.

Many people travel to Mumbai to shop for local as well as international wines. The city is also known for its food and fashion industry. There are many local markets where you can find all kinds of goods at reasonable prices. The wines from this shop are branded and sold widely across the country. Many well known restaurants also sell products made by this Italian brand.