Parry Wine Shop Offers A Lot Of Features And Great Wines

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For any connoisseur of wines, visiting the Parry Wine Shop in Mumbai is an experience like no other. This shop not only sells great bottles of fine and expensive wines but also serves wonderful snacks and chocolates. Started in 2021, this shop has earned a very loyal customer base among wine buffs who visit Mumbai and enjoy a casual taste of Indian and Italian wines while shopping. Considered as one of the leading wholesale wine and spirits distributors in the country, this shop caters to the needs of various importers, retailers, sellers as well as consumers. The shop delivers its products right to your doorstep, so that you can shop anytime without having to invest even a single penny.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Apart from its large collection of fine and affordable wines, the Parry Wine Shop also stocks a wide range of snacks and chocolates to woo people on a long weekend or on an occasional business trip. Their enticing collection of snack items includes salted crisps, pates, cookies, cream chips, tarts, chilli con carne and many more to entice you to buy their delicious wines and snacks. Their collection of chocolates boasts of some of the best selling varieties in the market, with specialty flavors such as fudge and maple syrups. Among the beverages, the most popular are their juices and cordial which are sold in cool boxes, cans, and bottled water. These delicious concoctions are available in many flavors, making it easy for you to pick your favorites.

The Parry Wine Shop was started by an entrepreneur, Jason Lechter, who wanted to create a place where people from different walks of life could get their drinks while shopping at the same place. After creating his first wine shop in Kolkata, Lechter decided to expand his business to Mumbai. Since then, he has established several other wine shops across the city. Besides selling great bottles of wines, he also serves snacks and chocolates to make people feel that they are not just getting drinks and snacks but they are actually spending time with their friends and family. The best part about the business is that customers can bring their family and friends with them so that they can have a pleasant experience too. You will be able to find people from all walks of life enjoying their shopping here so that you will feel that you are really in a different world altogether.

The wine shop promises a wide variety of wines, snacks and treats and this is another reason why people from every section of society are visiting the store. They are available in unique bottles, glasses and gift boxes with all sorts of interesting and creative designs that you will love to take home as souvenirs. There are various options that you can choose from in these gift boxes and these include chocolates, candies, mints, honey, fruits, almonds and many other options as well. Apart from these, there are also some exclusive options that you can order so that you get your bottles of wines embossed with your name or some other cool design.

The wine shop is located at a very close proximity to the Chorlton Market which means that it has been convenient for customers in terms of access as well as affordability. You can also try out the lunch and dinner special option that are being offered in a lot of restaurants around town. This allows you to enjoy the restaurant’s quality food at an affordable price, something that you cannot do at many restaurants across Mumbai. The staff at the wine shop also offer great customer care services, something that you cannot avail when you are dining at other restaurants.

You can always come back to the Parry Wine Shop, even if you want to buy some new bottles of wine as they stock thousands of them. The staff here understand the needs of their customers and make sure that they have the right selection in stock at all times. To enjoy all the benefits that they offer, you need to make a trip down to Hill Road and enjoy shopping in a relaxed manner.