Parry Wine Shop On Hill Road Mumbai

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parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

Parry Wine Shop On Hill Road Mumbai

Parry Wine Shop is located at Hill Road, Mumbai India. This shop caters to the customers from all over India and beyond. The wine that is offered by the shop is made from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. This is a small shop but has managed to carve a niche for itself in the wine industry in India.

The specialty of the shop is that the wines are made in small batches. The small batches to ensure that each batch is different and special in its quality. Since the grapes are grown on plots of land, the production cycle is also very unique. The customers can expect only the best quality wines here.

The Parry Wine Shop sells a wide range of fine and exceptional wines along with some famous champagnes. Most of the products are available on the internet as well. The most popular varieties like the French Beaujolais and French Claret are available. There are also wines from Chile, Australia, South Africa, Italy and California. This shop is a one-stop shop for all wine enthusiasts from Mumbai and around the country.

The shop owner Ravi Verma is an enthusiastic and passionate wine enthusiast. He loves to talk about wines and share stories of his travels and tasting. Ravi always welcomes new customers and looks forward to making them feel special. You will get an opportunity to taste his delicious food as well. This will make your stay very exciting and comfortable.

The wine is delivered fresh to your doorstep. You just need to make the payment for the same and the wine is ready for you. The prices of the wines vary depending upon the varieties. The prices of some of the famous wines in the store are $20 and below. But if you want to purchase the largest varieties, then it would be better to buy them in bulk.

You can even have a taster at the shop itself. The tasting sessions are done only by the experts and you can have a wonderful experience by tasting the wines yourself. The price tags of the wines are very reasonable and affordable. The quality of the wine offered by the company is of a very high standard. It is always a good idea to buy Parry wine online for these excellent products.

The company has been operating in Mumbai for the last few years. However, due to intense competition, they had to shift their operations to a new location. Now, they have established a brand value along the Worli Sea coast. With so many customers visiting the Worli Sea everyday, there is no doubt that more people are going for the wines provided by the Parry Wine Shop.

They have excellent collections of wines to choose from. The main varieties offered by the company include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Rose of Syrah. All these premium wine products are imported from France. The company offers complete customer satisfaction through its personalized wine delivery service. So, visit the Worli Sea shore and enjoy the unmatched delicacies served by the expert wine sales representatives.