Parry Wines Club- Some Popular Varieties

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parry wines club

Parry wines club have gained popularity worldwide due to availability and relatively cheap price. The famous Chateau de Perrin, near Ypres in France has been selected as the producer of the best tasting and most expensive Parry wine. The name Chateau de Perrin means “of the stone”. The name was given after the great French explorer and naturalist, Sir Francis Drake, who found the largest variety of sparkling wines in the province of Champagne.

American Wines In Parry Wine Club

Jean Germain & Cedric Vongerichten blend traditional American flavours in the glass of Richard Meier’s contemporary tower overlooking the Rhone. The Chateau de Perrin also features a collection of more affordable but still remarkable wines that come from around the world, including French Beaujolais, Spanish Malaga, Italian Brunello and German Wurzburger Pils. All the wines in parry wines club are made using traditional growing methods. Unlike some other French wine making estates which use modern methods. The best part is that most of these wines have not been bottled on the artificial one at all.

Foreign Wines At Parry Wines Club

The region of Coteaux du Layon is a major producer of exceptional French red wines such as La Grande Dame de Provence and La Meunierie. Many other famous French wine producers are based in this region, including Boucheries in Loire and Vignon, along with Bordeaux, Burgundy, Coteaux du Layon, Meuniers and many others. You can buy the best wine in France from this prestigious region – but it will cost you a bit of money! If you prefer to feel the real taste of local wine rather than go for a big brand name, Coteaux du Layon is definitely the place to visit.