Parry Wines, Possibly the Best Irish Wine

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The Parry-operated Smith-Barney winery is a major player in thegrowing field of Irish wine, as well as an established and renowned producer of premium sparkling wines. The Parry-Wines are made by the award winning estate of John Smith and are brought from the Springs of Kildare. This is Ireland’s biggest growing wine region and the main wine making and bottling facilities are located at the Parry’s Estate in Kildare. The name of the Estate carries on many of the trademarks of this incredible company, including the long standing partnership with the world famous Harry Winston.

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This award winning company produces a variety of sparkling wines, chardonnay and a wide variety of fortified wines, many with labels originating from local vineyards. A large number of these wines come from the famous Springs of Kildare and are kept in the traditional cellars of the estate. They have also spent a lot of time and money to get the best of the best in terms of grape varieties grown in Ireland.

With the success of this limited edition range they have also launched a number of other sparkling and gourmet collections. The most popular one being their Rose of Eilean Donan, which is a blend of red and white roses, blended with tannin from the estate of Donan Castle. This fantastic new collection has set a benchmark for other similar Irish companies. The new Rose of Eilean Donan is being introduced in selected shops in the United States. This particular blend offers fans of fine Irish cuisine an authentic taste of the rich history of Kildare.

If you like you can even purchase direct from the estate. However, there are also a number of distributors that offer this wonderful product. If you want to try a number of different brands, then the internet is the best place to purchase from. There are some great online distributors and even if they do not offer the same selection as the actual estate you may be able to arrange for a personal tasting or two.

With all of the options available you will find that choosing your favorite Irish wine is not that difficult at all. The key is to find a website that you feel comfortable using and reading through all of the information they present. When it comes to the best Irish wine, Parry wines have some of the best selections.

Remember, you do not have to purchase the best choice straight away. You can take your time, allowing your emotions to flow naturally. If you are planning a trip to Ireland then you may even consider staying in one of the castles on the Murraylands. If you visit the Kerry castles you will be able to take your pick from a variety of great tasting wines. If you prefer something a little more modern then try out the latest Privateer’s 21st Birthday White. No matter what your preference is you will find it available at one of the top distributors of Irish wine.