Review of the Parry Wine Shop in Florence

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Review of the Parry Wine Shop in Florence

Parry Wine Shop situated on Hill Road, Mumbai, India is a small shop that sells local and imported wines. The shop began as just a small shop selling local wines from a corked bottle. However, over time, the small shop has developed into one of the best places for purchasing wines and spirits in Mumbai. The shop is operated by Ravi Verma, who also runs the shop with his extended family. The owner, Girish Marathe, continues his passion for wine and sells new and used wines with every passing year.

What makes Parry Wine Shop stand apart from other places is the variety they offer. Apart from having an excellent selection of local and imported wines, it also has a wide choice of dry and sweet chocolates and other drink items. If you are looking for a sweet treat, you can go for Parry’s ‘Diary’ range which comprises of 18 varieties of chocolates, including the popular ‘Choco Carmel’, ‘Cocoa Shea’ and ‘Dark Chocolate’. There are plenty of local and imported beverages, such as ‘Kheer’, ‘Lal Peda’ and the signature drink ‘Raschelle’ to choose from as well.

Parry’s website highlights the various types of wines the store sells, with a brief description and a list of prices. This makes the search for the best bottle of a particular wine a simple task. The website also lists the variety of wines available and the price range they belong to, making it easy for the customer to get the best bottle of their choice.

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more exciting than finding a great bottle of Parry’s. The selection of such bottles is always exciting and the reviews on the site make them even more interesting. I particularly like the reviews highlighting the excellence of certain varietals such as Chianti Classico which is made from the best grapes in Italy. In fact, I have often bought Parry’s labels and not been disappointed, so it is with great delight that I read about the latest selection, which is a superb vintage from the 1970s. The ageing process used makes this one a perfect bottle for drinking now, as it maintains its freshness.

I love the way the shop offers a comprehensive range of Parry’s products, including its famous Chianti Classico, and the wide assortment of different fortified wines. With the help of its handy online wine guide, I have discovered some very good new names, including Scharffenberger Pils, Riedelke and Weizenau Sauvignon Blanc. It really is a great place to buy wine. There is always something new to try at the Parry Wine Shop, making it an excellent stop for any wine lover. It also has an unusual take on vintage selections, as well as the occasional offering from Europe’s most famous wine regions.

I love the friendly atmosphere of the wine store. The staff are always helpful and extremely knowledgeable, and I enjoy the variety of interesting articles on wine that are available on its website. The shop offers great value for money, and its wines are consistently rated one of the best in the industry. For me, that’s a great place to buy a bottle of wine and spend some time in the beautiful city of Florence!