The Parry Wine Shop – Your Guide To The Best Vodkas And Wines

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The Parry Wine Shop first opened its doors in Bandra in nineteen seventies. Since then it has established a good reputation in the city for selling excellent, classy and affordable wines. It has also been serving excellent local and imported wines from various parts of the country. The store is located at Bandra itself – an authentic wine making shop. The store offers different kinds of locally and imported wines as well as cordial and other gourmet products.

parry wine shop

There are multiple branches of this Parry Wine Shop spread all over the city. You will find it easily in any direction from your locality. However, the most preferred one is at Bandra. This is mainly because the company has some exclusive and excellent fine wines that are only available here. Apart from the various kinds of local and imported wines, this departmental stores also sells a good variety of premium dry fruits, chocolate and premium spices.

The wines and spirits department are one of the most flourishing departments in this exclusive fine wine shop. Here you can also find other fine products like cheese, cookies, chocolates, tea and other food items. The bakery section is also extremely popular among people. It sells a huge variety of specialty breads, fresh fruits and various bakery items. Some of the famous ones are Pistachio, Chai Tea, Blackberry Pecan, Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Cobbler and Country Cherry Cone.

People love buying the Parry Gold wines because these are one of the most exclusive wines in the world. If you want to find the best and rarest wines in the world, then look no further than this exclusive shop. Moreover, this store also sells various other products such as accessories for your kitchen and bathroom. It is also possible for you to buy a gift for any loved one with the help of this website. You can buy gifts for your loved ones such as champagne flutes, bottle openers and the likes.

The entire wine shop is located just two streets from the main street, which is the Leith Hall. It is possible for you to get the best discounts here as compared to any other street stores. You can simply walk up to the shop and ask for a product. The staff at the store will guide you to the perfect shop that sells the product you are looking for.

You will also find a bar inside the store that serves various drinks and snacks. There is a live entertainment section as well, where you can enjoy live music and dance. There are also several wines and spirits to choose from. You can also browse through the collection of bottles available in this shop to find the perfect wine for your taste.