The Success Of The Parry Wine Shop

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Parry Wine Shop, Mumbai formerly known as the biggest paralegal centre in the nation, situated at the posh Andheria locality of Mumbai, is today considered as the best wine store in the city for the past hundred years. The shop, which was initially started by Mr. Karanji Migami back in 1869 is still serving their clients with top notch and affordable wines today. The store offers a wide variety of wines from all across the world along with some that are even made within the premises. Apart from that, they also provide a plethora of other services such as pickling and storage of local fruits, cheeses and other fresh delicacies.

parry wine shop

With a passion for wines and food, Mr. Karanji Migami decided to set up his shop in the Mumbaikarshi street market, near the railway station at Andheri. The first thing he thought of while starting the business was locating a good location on the high road. Initially, he thought of a building on the edge of the road so that the customers travelling by train would not have to step over the shop floor every now and then. But eventually, according to him, the best place to open up the shop was at the bottom of the hill road, where people coming from the nearby shacks would visit for their daily groceries. And so, he named his shop Parry Wine Shop and began his journey from there.

Later on, he shifted his shop to the present location at Andheri’s swanky Dharavi area. With this, Mr. Migami realized the importance of having a very good location where the bulk of the customers visiting Mumbai would be flocking towards. This was the right place as it is frequented by people going to and coming from other parts of the city. Besides, it also boasted of a lot of commercial houses which, in turn, meant that the competition for space and rent was cut down to a minimum. Also, the right place had a lot of potential customers because of the Mumbaikars’ ever-increasing demand for good quality wines.

The main challenge before him when opening a parry wine shop in Andheri or anywhere else in Mumbai was to find a good location. In fact, he did not have much of a choice because most of the important buildings and commercial streets around there had already been taken over by big retail chains. So, what he had to do was to convince the management of the nearby hotel lobby or the local restaurant chain to let his shop stay in their premises as long as it was being run as a store and not a shop to be consumed inside. If they would agree, then he would be able to get the rent from them.

In the course of this he also realized that there were a lot of other retailers in and around the area who also wanted a place to set up their shop. So, what he did was to approach local restaurants and hotels and try to get a better deal by offering them wine shop home delivery services. He was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them agreed to this arrangement because they got so much new business that they could possibly service at the same time. This way Parry wine shop home-delivery services gained a lot of clients in no time. They even managed to negotiate better prices with these hotels because their presence made the restaurants more popular in the area.

The success story of the Parry wine shop home-delivery services did not end there. It soon became a favorite among people because not only did the wine come from some of the best vineyards of France, but the wines came at very affordable prices. People loved it so much that they started flocking to this shop. The demand for good quality wine was so high that many of the local restaurants that had signed the agreement with Parry’s wine delivery services expanded their wine cellars from two to six.