The Varieties of Parry Wines

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The Varieties of Parry Wines

The Parry-O-Feads number is a long standing symbol for the prestige and quality of Parry-O-Feads sparkling wines. Named after the French for the place where it was created, the winery itself was originally established by Jean Georges Gautier. He would later go on to found Grand Cruiture Winery in France. Jean-Georges & Cedric Vongerichten combines contemporary American flavors with traditional French techniques in the masterful production of this modernist structure.

One of the more popular Chardonnay selections, the Parry-O-Feads Chardonnay is actually very similar to the grape responsible for producing Chardonnay, albeit in a smaller variety. It’s also aged a little longer, allowing it to retain some of the floral aroma that is associated with this varietal. This crisp golden color and pleasant bouquet make it a perfect wine to serve during many events, as it pairs well with just about anything. For those who enjoy experimenting with the different flavors of red wine, this one has a lot of character and will go excellently with cheese, dark chocolate, or fruit-based dishes.

If you are looking for a dessert wine that you can serve with a wide variety of cheeses, or even just with anything that has a mild flavored taste, the Parry-O-Feads White Label Shiraz is the perfect match. This versatile wine is often used in combination with delicate items such as stuffed baked potatoes, cheese and herb platters, and even served on its own as a dessert. In fact, many chefs find that pairing the two wines is a perfect way to create a meal that is both delicious and elegant at the same time. Pairing a light and clean Shiraz wine with creamy cheeses, applesauce, breads, crackers, and vegetable dishes provides a sophisticated flavor that goes unmatched with a full meal. The same technique can be applied to fruity desserts as well, such as puddings, cakes, custards, or ice cream desserts.

There are many other great read options from this award-winning family of companies, including Chateau Mouton-Rothschild, Riedel Red, and Muscat. If a more intense red is desired, then there is the Prosecco from Vermouth. This wine comes in a number of fruity flavors and is often mixed with champagne. This Prosecco also works perfectly with seafood and poultry dishes, helping to enhance the flavor, as well as help to cleanse the palate after the meal.

Another great Riesling that you may want to try is Riedel Brut. It is a crisp dry white that displays great fruit flavors, like cranberry and black cherries. It also has a very clean flavor, yet still is rather low key and easy to drink. This wine is often paired with sweet pastas and delicate desserts. The other excellent Riesling that you should try is a Riesling called Riedeluviana, which is an incredible crisp and clear sparkling white wine that comes in an elegant red tin can. This wine also pairs well with delicate cheesecakes, and it pairs wonderfully with zesty pastas.

There are also several different kinds of whites produced by this great company, including whites that come from the Napa Valley, California, France’s Rhone Valley, and also a sparkling wine called Rhine. If you are a fan of fruit flavors and wish your dessert to come with a strong dose of fruit, then you should consider a Riesling. While this particular wine will go perfect with spicy food, it also pairs wonderfully with many lighter dishes, especially ones that have a lot of fruit flavored ingredients, like brie or chanterelle. This will most definitely give your meal a unique and delicious taste!