The Wine Shop On Top Of Hill Road

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Parry Wine Shop is located at the foothills of The Great Indianorn Range, and it’s in the very center of Mumbai. Since the shop opened in 1992, it has been a popular choice for visitors to Mumbai. It’s located at the Hanging Gardens, a residential suburb of South Mumbai.

parry wine shop hill road mumbai india

The wines and champagnes served at the Parry Wine Shop are all produced in the state of Maharashtra. The area itself has ample scope for growing the vines and producing quality wines. The shop started out as a small cobbler’s shop on Hanging Gardens Road, but has since expanded its operations to include wine production, bottling, selling and even importing. The store is run as a family-run business and many years ago, Parry was named the first “world famous chocolatier” by the Food and Wine Magazine.

The selection offered at the Parry Wine Shop is mind boggling. Some of the wines come from California, Australia and South Africa; others come from Chile, Australia, Spain, France, Italy and New Zealand. It has an extensive selection of Italian reds, both light and dark, white and rose, as well as a wide selection of Chenin Blanc and Merlot. The shop also serves dessert wines, such as banana cream and tiramisu.

All the grapes that are used are grown on their own land in the Churabola and Nandimukh areas. These grapes have a longer growing season than most other kinds of grape and therefore produce the most excellent wine. There are various processes used to treat the grapes before the wine is made, which gives each wine its distinctive taste. Some of the processes include chilling, germinating, screwing and pressing. The wine made from these varieties of grapes is widely regarded as premium quality.

If you want to purchase some wines for yourself from the Parry Wine Shop, Hill Road Mumbai, India, you need to make your booking in advance. You can make your booking through the phone, or online. If you book your wine online, you will receive a discount on the price. The Internet has helped many people make their reservations for vacations and holidays; the Parry Wine Shop is just an extension of this.

The wine shop is located near South Mumbai’s Para Bhoys College. Many local residents and tourists often visit the shop to buy wine. The wine that is sold at the shop has a very consistent taste, which is not altered by any kind of treatment. Therefore, if you plan to visit India, you should definitely make a stop at the Parry Wine Shop.