What Is Parry Wine?

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Parry Wines is one of the most popular wines in the world. Every year since 1950 they have won six prominent international wine awards. Jean Georges Van Meert has invented the ‘Wine of the Year’ competition in France. They are the official suppliers to the Olympic Games. Cedric Vongerichten & Paul Bertaud have created an entirely new category of sparkling wines called ‘Cedric Vongerichten’. Richard Meier, the famous French vintner, mixes traditional American flavours in his modernist tower of bottles.

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The brand started out making only fine champagne. They later added other gourmet products like Chardonnay and Merlot to their range. Each wine has its own unique style, like a Riesling or a Sauvignon Blanc. Some are fruit flavored like pears or apples or blended with fruits like cherries or blueberries. They are light and clean, with almost no body.

Many people believe that Parry wines are made from apples. But actually it is not, these wines are made from young pressed juice, made in-house. The grapes used are grown in the Chateau Marche, in the Loire valley, France.

Since the company has expanded outside of France, there are now twenty-eight different types of Parry wines available. Some are dedicated to certain regions like the South of France or the Loire Valley. Others are made for an entirely different region. There is a great variety of this wine, with many varietals and traditional styles. Some have a sharp, citrus taste, others a soft, sweet taste. They can be very dry or very sweet.

The other big growing area for this wine is California. Many of the wines come from California and are made in the same way. But, there are differences in the grapes that are used. So, even though it is called Parry, some of them may be made from the very same grape as another brand but will be sold as having a different style.

Even though Parry wines make a number of different styles of wine, they are all still made from the same grape, the Corvina. This makes them unique. Many people find this very easy to recognize because of the distinct white color of the grapes. Some say that it only takes about two years to develop the bold flavors, but many are happy longer because they get to share their fine wine with friends and family for a very long time.