What is So Special About Parry Wines?

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The Parry-operated Shiraz and Semillon each have a distinct flavour, thanks to their grape varieties. They also differ in their tannin levels. One of the great things about these two Shirazes is that they are a lot simpler to grow than the famed Chardonnays. That means the number of bottles being made is limited.

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It is worth mentioning that both grapes can be found in the Coteaux de Provence in France. In fact the French Wine Federation awards the finest Shirazes and Semillon each year. However, in the United States only the Cabernet Sauvignon retains that prestigious title. The reason for that is that, as compared to the Cabernet Franc, the Shiraz is a less complicated grape.

The other main difference between the Shiraz and the Cabernet is colour. Both grapes have a deep red colour but the Shiraz is much lighter. When mature it turns to a very pale gold colour. This has an impact on the taste, with the Shiraz slightly less tannic and a little more bitter.

The most famous of the Parry-produced wines is the Rose of France, a light and delicate wine produced from the Penfolds Grange grape. It is one of the most popular wines on the market. Another great wine produced by Parry is the award winning Vin de Pays. This fine wine is even more expensive than Rose of France and commands a huge price tag.

The best known and most widely distributed of all Parry-produced wines is their Sherry range. These are a range of eight wines that are based on different varietals. There are white and rose and black Sherry, along with a blend of Chianti, Cabernet and Zinfandel. The key selling factor of these wines is the quality of the grapes used and the skill of the winery. A lot of thought and care goes into each bottle that leaves the vineyard, guaranteeing the maximum flavour and aroma from each bottle.

All of the Parry-made wines are still hand-made using the oldest methods possible. The traditional method still in practice sees a vineyard planted with thousands of bunches of grapevines, each handpicked to ensure only the best grapes are used. These grapes are hand-picked just before shipment, ensuring high quality and freshness of each bottle. One of the great things about producing your own wine is the ability to control the level of production. If you prefer a lower volume, you can always upgrade to a larger vineyard later.