What Type of Wine Do You Like?

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Parry wines are made by the Chateau de la Pavillon in France. They are renowned for their long history and a long list of awards, including the prestigious Clos du Monde. Jean Laurent & Cedric Vongerichten combine contemporary American favorites with vintage French concepts. Each vintage has a story to tell. With the Chateau de la Pavillon parry wines, you can enjoy a true American success story.

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Parry Wines Number One – A blend of Cabernet and Merlot grapes, the Parry Wine of the Year is considered to be one of the finest of all Parry wines. It has been awarded multiple awards including the prestigious “category B” prize for 2021. The blend is rich and lush with hints of vanilla and blackberry. This wine is a true representation of classic French tastes with a touch of modernization.

Parry Wines Number Two – This powerful blend is made entirely from Merlot grapes. The blend is finished off with traditional French oak and touches of lemon and tannin. This wine will make a bold and lasting impression on your taste buds. It was named “the wine of the year” by Le Gaviot.

Parry Wines Number Three – An elegant wine that features a combination of rich plum and berry. Its appearance will remind you of plums, cherry and berries. This is the latest in the series of “Millionaire’s Collection” wine that is made by the Chateau de la Pavillon. The impressive list of grapes used assures the perfection of this wine. This wine is the perfect example of elegance and modernity rolled into one bottle.

Parry Wines Number Four – This wine is made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. It’s a medium-aged wine that completes perfection. You will have to imagine what it would taste like if you were in its vines. This wine completes both the full body and the smooth texture that will please even the most discriminating palate.

If you’re looking for a wine that will please the tastes of people from all walks of life, then look no further than Parry Wines. These fine wines are made with a dedication to quality that will make them a perfect gift. They are affordable, yet luxurious in taste. They are very easy to find on the internet and offer great prices, so you won’t have any trouble finding a bottle.

If you love a good dessert wine, then you will love Parry Wines dessert wine. You can get a sparkling wine or white wine to match any special occasion. These wines are all light in color and refreshing. This is why they are perfect to give as a gift. When you give a bottle of this wine, it will surely bring a smile to your loved ones face.

The wine connoisseur can enjoy the fine taste of Parry wine anytime of the day. They are not meant to be consumed while still young. It is suggested that you drink your wine after the designated time – between one to two weeks after the purchase. Your wine will become better with age, but don’t expect it to be any better than the day you bought it.