Parry Wine Shop For Bulk Orders?

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Parry Wine Shop for a number of wines variety.. If you are looking for a wonderful and idyllic getaway, then travel to the city of Bandra to experience the ultimate luxury with the services of an authentic Bandra wine shop. The two main wine shops in Bandra serve their local and international customers with a variety of fine wines at great prices. There are many more wine shops in Bandra, which also provide excellent services to the tourists. All these establishments offer free home delivery service to the clients.

Where Is Parry Wine Shop?

Parry Wine Shop is located at Bandra itself. The store offers various kinds of local and imported wines and champagne. The local wines are also served at the stores. The wines include the famous ones like Dom Perignon, Chianti Classico, Chianti Noire, Robert Mondavi and other fine wines. The Imported wines are the Barossa wine, Shiraz wine, Zinfandel wine and the Pinotage wine.

Wines Variety In Parry Wine Shop

Apart from the local and imported wines, the store also stocks other types of wines such as the Rose and the Zinfandel. You can even get a glass of champagne to celebrate your New Year at the wine shop in Bandra. Apart from this, the wine department offers free home delivery to the city. This means that if you book your restaurant car service or your hotel room, then you can have your meals delivered to your doorstep.

Another fine wine shop in Bandra is located at Worli. This shop has twenty-three varieties of local and foreign wines, which include the Spanish wine, Australian wine, French wine, Japanese wine and German wine. They also stock champagne. Apart from these, the store also stocks Perrier, Muscat and other Italian wine. The Indian wine is also available at the store. The Riesling, Chenin, Chardonnay and the Shiraz wine are also available in this shop.

Wine Shop For Online Delivery

If you are an amateur wine drinker, then you should not miss out on getting your favorite wine at the Bandra wine shop. This is because the store has over one hundred and twenty varieties of wine, which you can choose from. You can order by weight or by case. In either option, you will get your wine delivered to your doorstep. If you are planning on having a special dinner party or picnic with friends, then it is advisable to order by the case.

The Parry wine shop in Bandra also offers a wine tasting area where people can try new varieties of wine, along with their favorite ones. This is a great way for people to sample different types of wines. If you want a complete wine tasting experience, then you should also visit the bonded warehouses of the wineries, which usually have their own tasting rooms. However, you will have to make an appointment beforehand.

Bulk Order With Parry Wine

The Parry Wine Shop has a wide variety of sparkling wines, which you can order in bulk. It also has many estate, blended and traditional wines, which you can buy as well as single bottles. Many of these are quite expensive, but if you are an aficionado then there is no need to worry. You will always be served in the most affordable and delicious manner possible. The staff also ensures that your wine tastes like the genuine article.


There is no doubt that Parry Wine Shop is the best place to shop for your wine and spirits. The shop offers a wide range of products from vineyard grapes to brandy. They also stock a huge range of champagne, wine and spirits, which is ideal for all occasions. In addition, you will find a huge collection of Indian spices and condiments, which are ideal for making any kind of traditional or modern meal. For all your wine and spirits needs, you will be delighted with the options that this shop has on offer.